Earth Day Everyday

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Happy belated Earth Day! I’ll admit that I found myself a little crabby yesterday, thinking about the “Hallmark holiday” status of Earth Day and observing how marketers use it as another reason to sell stuff (green stuff, but still driving to consume more)

And so I waited. I waited for a message that would resonate with me this year. I waited for a feeling that I could share with you to inspire, encourage, and challenge.

Yesterday morning I journaled. Last night I took to the woods. And I realized that in order to make Earth Day more than one day, more than a token holiday, we need to truly LOVE this natural world we share and so I wrote this poem.

This is my commitment to make Earth Day everyday.

I’d love to hear more about how you’re going to keep the earth fresh in your life too. Please tell me how you celebrated yesterday and how you’re going to keep celebrating in the comments!

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