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We're on a mission to find joy in a more sustainable life.
We'd love to support you on our journey with the following events, courses, and services.

  • Carbon Free Family’s Kickstart Your Sustainability Journey workshop was transformative. Erin’s breadth of knowledge on sustainable practices is vast, but her true talent lies in her unique ability to flip your mindset and show you what is actually possible, what can indeed work in your life. 

  • Erin is the voice of The Carbon Free Family - a family that "walks the walk" along the path we all must take, if we want to continue to enjoy life on Planet Earth. Her presentation is non-judgemental, thought-provoking and, most importantly, FUN! So, no matter where you might be on that path, you're sure to learn something from Erin. Her enthusiasm is infectious and you will come away realizing that the walk is not about sacrifice, it's about joy! 

  • Our Unitarian Universalist church engaged Erin as our guest speaker for our Earth Day service. Erin was really easy to work with and graciously practiced with us prior to the service as we were still learning how to conduct a virtual service during a global pandemic. This was one our best attended virtual services to date. Erin stayed after the service to join our coffee hour and answer questions. The service was so inspiring that our congregation has started a small sustainability group that is meeting monthly. What a great success!

  • Erin's presentation was very approachable for those new to sustainability. She focuses on the joy you can find in this lifestyle and explains that being sustainable doesn't have to be expensive, which can keep many people from exploring this lifestyle. She also talked about how lessening your carbon footprint is a journey and that no matter where you are in that journey, it is important to be transparent and learn from others. Fostering such encouragement in a sustainable community is really inspiring!




Kickstart Your Sustainability Journey: Small Group Coaching

This 6-week workshop is designed to change the way you think about sustainability, flipping your mindset so that sustainability is a natural part of every decision you make. Live zoom meetings will be held each week on Wednesday or Saturday... choose which session works best for you! Space is limited to 6 participants. Register today!

FREE | At your own pace

Preserve Local Food for Eating All Year Long

Are you interested in incorporating more local food into your diet, even in the winter? 

If you've already found great sources for bulk fruits and vegetables during the growing season (usually, spring, summer and fall, depending on where you live) and are looking for ways to preserve these foods so you can eat local all year long... this is the course for you!

FREE | At your own pace

Eat More Local Food

Are you interested in incorporating more local food into your diet? Local food is an important part of my sustainability journey, so I've created this course to help you eat more local. Work at your own pace! Each lesson will take you less than 15 minutes and is designed to help you quickly and easily build new habits.


Monthly Small Group Coaching

Have you completed the 6-week Kickstart Your Sustainability Journey workshop? Are you looking for ongoing engagement and accountability partners to keep your journey fresh and moving forward? This is the next workshop for you!

Free 15 minute video

How Many Earths Does Your Lifestyle Require?

If you're looking to take the next step in your sustainability journey, I recommend calculating your environmental footprint. In this FREE course, I share my tips for easily and accurately calculating your environmental footprint.

Free 20 minute video
Erin Augustine, smiling with dirty toes in the foreground. Photo taken by Nick Irwin of Nick Irwin Images. Find him at and @irwin.nick on Instagram

Finding More Joy Through a Smaller Environmental Footprint

This free 20 minute video provides an introductory overview of our family philosophy and guiding principles, as well as a summary of our progress, current goals, and challenges for each of the five most important impact areas of our environmental footprint: food, transportation, home, goods, and services.

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Are you ready to invest in the sustainable life you've been dreaming of?

It's not as hard as you think! We're excited to offer personalized coaching and in-home consultation services. With exclusive access to Erin's expertise and advice, this is a great way to get answers to your specific questions and achieve the more sustainable life you're dreaming us. Contact us to develop a program that meets your individual goals, challenges, and budget.