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Slow Living, Sustainable Living, Waste Free Living

2021 Intentions (part 1)

I like to take my time setting my annual goals, so here I am in early February finally writing them down. My annual goal setting, much like my life, is a slow and reflective process. I like to calculate my environmental footprint, reflect on last years’ progress and this year’s biggest opportunities. I’m excited to take you on a journey of my 2021 intentions.

Waste Free Living

Waste Free Halloween Candy

I was wrong in my post last week… trick-or-treating isn’t canceled in my community. And as we’re approaching everything differently this year, with everyone’s health and safety in the front and center of our minds, let’s talk Halloween candy… I’m committed to plastic free candy! Individually wrapped candies already feel […]

Sustainable Living, Waste Free Living

Why should I eat local food?

I’ve been talking a LOT about local food lately.   It’s summer and when the weather gets warm I quickly become obsessed with my garden (where I grow herbs, vegetables, and fruit), the farmers market, UPick, local roadside stands, foraging in the woods, and buying in bulk to can and freeze […]

Finding More Joy through a Smaller Environmental Footprint

April 22nd will mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. UUCC will honor this momentous occasion with a special virtual Sunday Service via Facebook Live featuring guest speaker Erin Augustine. Erin and her family have decided to really focus their efforts on living more sustainable, aiming for a waste-free life. […]

Resolving to Go Green

Erin Augustine and her family made a commitment to try to live waste free by eliminating things like single-use plastics, adding more bike trips and using a clothes line. They started The Carbon Free Family blog to chronicle their efforts, which have gained attention on ABC News and other media. […]