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Are you interested in incorporating more local food into your diet?

Local food is an important part of my sustainability journey, so I’ve created this course to help you eat more local.

Work at your own pace! Each lesson will take you less than 15 minutes and is designed to help you quickly and easily build new habits.


This online workshop will teach you how to:

  • Understand the local food slang and jargon
  • Find farmers markets, roadside stands, and local UPick farms near your
  • Buy local food in bulk to save money
  • Minimize waste while shopping local
  • Plan ahead for the most ripe local food by season


Start enjoying local, healthy, and delicious food today!


This online workshop includes:

  • Videos, checklists, and other tools to help you make steady progress
  • Downloadable ebook with all of these resources so you can access them offline at your convenience
  • Community message boards for questions and conversation between participants


Please take advantage of these free resources! Then come back and share your progress, biggest triumphs, and hardest challenges so we can celebrate and problem solve together.

Materials will be available after enrolling in this course.


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  1. Erin Augustine

    Hi all! I just posted a new video in the “Grow Your Own” lesson. It’s a video of me planting lettuce seeds, while further explaining the process of reading the seed packet and following the planting instructions.

    Please feel free to comment with any questions you might have, here or in the individual lessons.


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