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Preserve Local Food for Eating All Year Long

Are you interested in incorporating more local food into your diet, even in the winter?  If you’ve already found great sources for bulk fruits and vegetables during the growing season (usually, spring, summer and fall, depending on where you live) and are looking for ways to preserve these foods so […]


Eat More Local Food

Are you interested in incorporating more local food into your diet? Local food is an important part of my sustainability journey, so I’ve created this course to help you eat more local. Work at your own pace! Each lesson will take you less than 15 minutes and is designed to […]


Monthly Small Group Coaching

Have you completed the 6-week Kickstart Your Sustainability Journey workshop? To more deeply solidify your personal sustainability habits, I recommend up to one year of monthly small group coaching. We will continue to use shared problem solving and supportive accountability to address your real world challenges throughout the year, keeping […]


How Many Earths Does Your Lifestyle Require?

Do you want to lead a more sustainable life? Trying to be more sustainable, but not sure what to change? Feeling in a rut and looking for new sustainable habits in 2021? If you’re looking to take the next step in your sustainability journey, I recommend calculating your environmental footprint. […]

Erin Augustine, smiling with dirty toes in the foreground. Photo taken by Nick Irwin of Nick Irwin Images. Find him at and @irwin.nick on Instagram

Finding More Joy Through a Smaller Environmental Footprint

  In December 2018, we decided to really focus on living a more sustainable life. This free 20 minute video provides an introductory overview of our family philosophy and guiding principles, as well as a summary of our progress, current goals, and challenges for each of the five most important […]